The software to write the dataflash zone in the newest mcu renesas H8SX. Data writing is performed through UART. The ability to create their own files after ripping through the JTAG pins to writte through the UART. Crypt - Decrypt  files created by other programmer (Etl, Multi prog, etc), the ability to edit data.

R5F61721, R5F61723, R5F61725, R5F6172x


Allprog or Smartprog device is required. Updating is online.



Activation contain clear data crash  in the newest sensors of brands like  HONDA, SUBARU,  TOYOTA ( we will be adding more kind of sensors ) :







HONDA 77960-SJA-A050-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-STX-A211-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-STX-A311-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-STX-A420-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-STX-A520-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZA-A111-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZN-A011-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZN-A210-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZT-A011-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZT-E811-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZT-G811-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-SZT-L010-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TK8-A110-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TM8-A020-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TM8-A031-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TM8-D010-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TM8-E820-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TM8-G820-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TP6-A111-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TP6-A120-M2 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TP6-X020-M1 R5F6172X
HONDA 77960-TR0-L012-M2 R5F6172X


SUBARU 98221AJ030 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ050 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ06A R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ07A R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ08A R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ09A R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ110 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ130 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ140 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ16A R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221AJ16B R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221CA030 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221CA090 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FG100 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FG110 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FG130 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ030 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ050 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ160 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ240 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ290 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221FJ291 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221SC090 R5F6172X
SUBARU 98221SC100 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-06380 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-06411 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-08120 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-0E060 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-0E070 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-0E150 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-0T020 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-12670 R5F6172X

TOYOTA 89170-12740 R5F61721

TOYOTA 89170-21110 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-21150 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-30A60 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-33570 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-35250 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-35251 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47080 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47081 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47090 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47100 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47200 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-47280 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-48450 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-48460 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-48590 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-52G40 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-52G41 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-52J70 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60380 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60450 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60451 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60630 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60631 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60750 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-60800 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-74080 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-75060 R5F6172X
TOYOTA 89170-76020 R5F6172X





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